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I help entrepreneurs move from being ‘an entrepreneur with a job’ to a BOSS with PURPOSE 
By Sharing The 'Be your own BOSS S.I.M.P.L.E. Method'
So YOU can serve God, make an impact, and share YOUR soul story with the world.

How Jena helps BOOST your heart happy meter...

Be Your Own BOSS Mentorship

Learn ~ Build ~ Earn

In 2020, Jena hosted a monthly session designed so you can Be Your Own BOSS (BYOBOSS). In 2021 a NEW MENTORSHIP will be launched to help people who are looking to have a side gig, start their own online course creator business, OR who are currently entrepreneurs looking to expand with an online course. 

In this new mentorship, you will not only learn the S.I.M.P.L.E. method on how to build your own online course creator business but you will learn HOW to design it around your God-given gifts, abilities and talents. 

This mentorship will help you come out of hiding, and also give you the tools to grow as an online course creator business. And the best yet? YOU will be able to monetize on The Happy YOUniverse Platform and apply to be a future facilitator. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and essentially a 'BIZ-IN-A-BOX'! 

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HAPS Soul Sessions With Jena Harris and Michael Dake

*These sessions are brand new and currently monthly, and are shared in our newsletter and in your membership course area.

Jena co-hosts a monthly soul session that is created to answer all of your questions. Jena and her co-host, Michael, are available to help people who are open to finding a new way of looking at the uncomfortable situations that are going on in their lives. The inspiration for these sessions is to assist you through this challenging time time by sharing how you can use the phase-shifting and heart activations to help you navigate through some of these challenging times. Currently pre-recorded, these sessions provide answers to the questions that are submitted from the comm-YOU-nity. They will be sharing some additional NEW THINGS IN 2021! Get grandfathered in TODAY!

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Being a mama...
And Being a BOSS...
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 Je's Goodies...

Path To Purpose
Online Course

  • Discover: Your Spiritual Gifts & Divine Design
  • Activate: The Courage To Do Hard Things
  • Learn: To Live a Fiercely Faithful Life
  • ​Grow: Your Faith

Become An Author
Author Program

  • Get: Your Message Out To The World
  • Become: A Best-Selling Author & Connect With Other Authors
  • Share: Your Story and Message on Stage

Be Your 

  • Build: Your Confidence and Come Out of Hiding
  • Master: Your Message and Your Story
  • Create: Your Program, Course, & Passion Work to be a BOSS!

Become A Happy 
YOUniverse Facilitator

  • Spiritual: Spiritual Leaders
  • Emotional: Wellness Coaches & Counselors
  • Physical: Fitness Experts
  • Mental: Healers & Ministers
  • Relationships: Relationship Coaches & Counselors

Jena Harris is a spiritual and biz coach, and best-selling author; who is also a wife, mom, sister, and daughter of God who currently resides in Louisiana. 

Jena has empowered, inspired, and assisted hundreds of women, men, couples, teens, and families in their journey to receive healing, find purpose, balance, happiness, and wellness in their life, relationships, and business. 

Jena started her journey into entrepreneurship as a healing facilitator and women’s empowerment coach. After building a successful business (Blissfully Empowered) and simultaneously a non-profit organization (Sisterhood Connections) and after leaving her twenty-two year corporate career, her family made a radical life change moving from Idaho to Texas. After a few rocky years, she made the decision to dissolve the non-profit and re-build her business. Jena renewed her promise to Christ, and got re-baptized in early 2019, which inspired an unexpected shift in what she is passionate about sharing with the world. 

Today she is currently partnering with new and upcoming best-selling authors in her new Anthology series called ‘Soul Stories’, which the first book of the series 'Soulfood and Grace' set to be published by Balboa/Hayhouse in 2020.
 Jena also enjoys creating online programs and courses to help individuals discover their spiritual gifts & purpose, and discover who they are created to be while sharing their soul stories with the world. 

 Jena is happily married with a 29-year-old son, 27-year-old daughter, and an 9-year-old son. In between her already busy life she also works part time at Louisiana State University, at the Research Lab, and volunteers for projects in Baton Rouge, including assisting the Dow Westside YMCA with their teen camp, and empowerment programs. 

 Jena inspired a new project called The Happiness YOUniverse, that was created to guide and positively impact lives by providing support and guidance for people to connect to their happy life. This is done by creating a sacred space for connection, healing, and authenticity to be experienced. It’s our inspiration at The Happy YOUniverse to help YOU make your best of today your worst of tomorrow!

She the author of three published books, the best selling "Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be", "44 Days Returning To Love" and "Manifest Your Power Partner", and co-authored “Step forward and Shine”. 

Jena has been featured on several podcasts and radio stations such as IHeart Radio, Voice America, The Now Network, EWomen Network, and Transformation for Success TV. She also wrote for Sibella Publications, and had several articles featured in Gaia, The Wellness Universe, RHG Magazine & TV Guide, and ENT Magazine. 

What clients are saying.....
Jena Harris, Soulpreneur Program
Kristin's testimony
Jena Harris, Soulpreneur Program
Maricela's testimony
Jena Harris, Soulpreneur Program
Guadalupe's testimony

What I believe is...

  • Many have become conditioned to 'say the right thing', 'do the right thing', follow the crowd, and to fit into some little box (that no one ever really fits into). We were not created to be the same. The world needs you to show up in the fullest expression of YOU, which is fearfully & wonderfully made!
  • Everything in life is about relationships. Relationship with God, relationship with self, spouse, child, parent, sibling, friend, neighbor, boss, a relationship with money, with food, with exercise… The list is endless. Creating strong foundations starting with the most important relationship, the one with God, is the first step to bring balance and harmony to life.
  • Prayer, Faith, and God changes everything. The worst of situations can be cured with this combination. When you build a closer relationship with God, and embrace who He has created you to be, it opens the door for ultimate healing, happiness, and transformation.

What I have learned is...

  • When we feel and look our best, because we are nurturing our body, mind, and spirit, it's a game changer for the way we live and our contribution to the world. 
  • When we give ourself permission to embrace our quirks and what some would define as flaws, we not only give ourself permission to be who God created us to be but we also find that those things are really our superpower. 
  • When we remember to keep things simple and not overcomplicate things, we expand our mental and emotional energy, ignite our creativity and spark passion in our life. 
  • ​When we learn to be fiercely faithful in all the areas of our life, something incredible takes place. We begin living on purpose for a purpose and understand that we cannot fail. God's powers are activated through faith, faith of a mustard seed.

What I offer is...

  • Help you build a strong foundation in your relationships, life and business. 
  • ​Share ways to help bring balance and harmony to your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body. 
  • ​Walk with you to become fiercely faithful, as you learn to trust in God’s plan for your life.
  • ​Guide you to walk on your path of your purpose, and discover your spiritual gifts and divine design.
  • Help you come out of hiding, build your confidence, share your soul story, while creating courses & programs that reflect who God created you to be.
  • ​Pray with you and for you, your family, and loved ones; to pray for your life, health, happiness, abundance, loved ones, and your salvation.
  • Remind you of living your life on purpose for a purpose, unapologetically embracing who God created you to be. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Je's Vision....

"My vision is to positively impact the lives of 1 million people by 2025."

Je's Mission....

"My mission is to help others see who God created them to be and share their soul stories with the world, so they can serve God, make an impact, and be their own BOSS. "

Our Mission....

The Happy YOUniverse seeks to guide and positively impact lives by providing support and guidance for people to connect to their happy life. This is done by creating a sacred space for connection, healing, and authenticity to be experienced. It’s our inspiration at The Happy YOUniverse to help YOU make your best of today your worst of tomorrow!

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