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Kathleen McGinley

Shamanic Life Coach

Kathleen has a passion to help make the world a better place by providing holistic, extraordinary experiences in self-discovery for individuals and groups in nature. By engaging in Kathleen’s events or shamanic coaching, individuals have experiences that help them heal and expand into a higher consciousness to bring them more into an alignment with their truth. By expanding into more of their authentic selves, individuals learn that they can co-create the life they want and deserve.

Kathleen intuitively creates the perfect adventures for her participants in her workshops and retreats that take place locally in the Lewes and Rehoboth Beach areas of Delaware and in energetically powerful destinations. Each event is set with intentions that promote inner peace, healing, empowerment, balance, and respect for all living things. By engaging in Kathleen’s solo/group activities, shamanic rituals, and ceremonies in nature, individuals transform as they embrace their true essence and potential.

How Kathleen helps BOOST your heart happy...

Step Into Harmony Sessions 

These group sessions are held the fourth Tuesday of every month

Kathleen hosts a monthly session that is designed to help guide you to peace, harmony, and healing by reconnecting you at the soul level through nature, wellness life-strategies, and shamanic practices. Finding harmony in life is an ongoing mission for most people on this planet. The desire to feel whole – creating a connection between one’s self, others and the natural world – is inside us all. The pathway to a harmonious existence lies at your feet. Are you ready to take the first step? 

Join Kathleen McGinley, a holistic wellness life coach and shamanic practitioner, as she offers wisdom and guidance to individuals whose challenges are creating feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and disconnect. Based on her bestselling book, “Soul Lost, Soul Restored: A Sacred Journey Back to Self,” she will help you attain peace and harmony by exploring various practical, ancient, and nature-based strategies for self-healing and empowerment.

By tuning into these monthly sessions, Kathleen will educate and inspire you as she shares the essential components that will help you transform your life into one you never thought possible.

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 Kathleen McGinley utilizes her gifts, 
serving individuals and groups in her role as:

  • A Holistic Wellness teacher, mentor and shamanic life coach
  • A certified Earth Magic® practitioner
  • An adventure based counselor

 Previously employed as a high school Health and Physical Education teacher in the Allentown School District for 34 years, she was honored twice as one of America’s most respected teachers by her selection to “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.”

 Since Kathleen’s spiritual awakening in 1992, she developed a passion for indigenous wisdom that led her to study with Native American, Andean, Toltec, and Hawaiian shamans. In the mid 1990’s, she became certified as a Reiki practitioner and a facilitator for experiential-based Project Adventure programs. In 2005, she received certification as a wellness life strategies coach and later, a holistic wellness coach, from the Spencer Institute. In 2015, she became certified as an Earth Magic® practitioner under the tutelage of internationally renowned shamanic practitioner, Dr. Steven Farmer.

In 2016, Kathleen became recognized as a published author with the release of her book, “Soul Lost, Soul Restored: A Sacred Journey Back to Self.”

She presently lives in Lewes, Delaware with her partner and Jack, her Australian Shepherd.

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