As a certified life coach, motivational speaker, author, and podcast host, my mission is to help people realize their value and worth. I believe the human condition is rooted deeply within the old fear-based belief system of “not feeling good enough!” I am incredibly passionate about helping people step forward in life with confidence and self-love, while letting go of perpetual worries and troublesome anxieties.

Maybe you’ve found your way here because you’re starting to realize your life isn’t working quite the way that you thought it would and you’re wondering what you can do about it.

Whatever reason or method connected us, just know that I’m grateful your path led you to my site and I’m looking forward to helping you step into your power.

Kimberley Bell

Relationship Coach

How Kimberley helps BOOST your heart happy...

Empower YOU NOW! Monthly Sessions 

These group sessions are held the third Tuesday of every month

Kimberley hosts a monthly 'empower hour' where she walks with you to experience the 11 Ways to Self Empowerment! Each month she will bring to you lessons from a particular chapter in her book, Empowering YOU: 11 Ways To Shift Your Personal Paradigm. With these sessions, you will learn: 

  • To honor and appreciate yourself, and your life, here and now
  • To understand the value of your fears and insecurities, as well as the gifts they offer
  • ​Discover true happiness-the kind that ignites you from the inside

In discovering true or authentic happiness, you will learn what life choices honor and promote this happiness, setting you up for successful, life-long change. You will review important lessons of understanding the household you came from, pains from your childhood and how this affects us today. Furthermore, we will dive into the practices of learning to have compassion for self and others, living a life of integrity and presence, feeling freedom in forgiveness, and growing with gratitude. 

Empowering YOU

11 Ways To Shift Your Personal Paradigm

7 Days To YOU

Online Course

Private Sessions

With Kimberley Bell

My greatest joy is helping people realize that they have a choice in how they feel, every single day.

For about forty-five years, I didn’t know that I had a choice. I experienced being at the mercy of everyone else around me. I was literally run by my life – a victim of my circumstance. I was living every day constantly trying to change, or control, everything around me. Deep down, I was lonely, disconnected from myself, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, hopeless and angry.

I’d experienced constant heartbreak as a child so this saddening cycle started early for me and continued well into my midlife years. Then, one evening while sitting on my bed, my world came crashing down around me. There was nowhere to turn, I was alone with myself. I had been in a sad and terribly disconnected marriage for about eighteen years. I had been feverishly searching for answers to help my sick child, when fifty doctors hadn’t been able to help. I hit a wall. I was lost and felt like I was on an island alone with my daughter. No one was there to help.

I know what it feels like to wake up every day and wonder how life got to be this way.

I know what it’s like to question everything in an instant. I know what it feels like to not like yourself, to have so many regrets, to have painful memories from the past like a dark cloud ever lurking over your head. I lived it. Until, in that single gut-wrenching moment on my bed, I had an ah-ha moment – an eye-opening awakening.

That key moment is what has led me to show up and do the work that I do so others won’t suffer alone in silence. My own spiritual nature and connection to others is a fortunate, and powerful, addition to the work I do with my clients because during our time together, I’m able to gain deeper insight into the pain that lies within their hearts. This is particularly significant as the heart is the doorway into a happy, fulfilling life.

I want to help you open the door.
If you’d like to explore working with me, please contact me here.

Quantum Touch I Certification

Robbins-Madanes Training Center for Strategic Intervention

Core 100 Certification
Core 200 Certification
Couples Advanced Relationship Coach Training Certification

Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Master Classes 1 & 2 Certifications

Past Seminars: “Now What?” and “Creating Your Life with Intention”

A columnist, “Coaching Insights” in Westborough Life

Author of Empowering YOU

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