Kristin Lee Harwood

Energetic Transition Coach

Kristin is a Sports Scientist, Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast, Transitional Coach, and Reiki Master. After years of studying the human body and movement, she realized that there was a missing element affecting our ability to change & evolve and that was energy. 

Through her worldly travels and personal life events, Kristin realized that one thing remained constant, she was always in transition, and in order to gracefully maneuver through her ever-changing world, her body, mind, and spirit needed to be in alignment. That was the founding moment of her online coaching biz, InTransition Wellness and E-book, "Discover Your Passion and Release Your Fear." 

Kristin believes that emotions are energy in motion and similar to the body, can be released and transformed into something big and beautiful that makes you smile. 

How Kristin helps BOOST your heart happy...

The Undoing of Doing Sessions 

These group sessions are held the third Thursday of every month

Kristin hosts a monthly session that will guide you to ‘un-do’ old programming and move towards designing the life YOU choose through simplification and bringing the mind, body, and spirit together.
In these sessions, you will focus on releasing the old and 'doing' more things that you enjoy, in order to align with your highest desires. You will discover simple techniques that can be used daily, to shift your energy and add more HAPPINESS to your life! Each session will offer a new release and alignment practice, followed by the opportunity to create and/or re-discover what truly makes you happy! Kristin understands that every person is different and the importance of implementing practices that work for you, wherever you are on your journey. Through these sessions, you will explore how to "create more" by "doing less" and develop your own personal "tool kit" to help you transition with ease through these ever-changing times.  

Work with Kristin...

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