'The Happiness Crew'

Meet Jena: Soul Sessions & 
Be Your Own BOSS Mentorship

Jena 'Je' Harris

Spiritual Biz Coach

Jena, we call her 'Je', is a spiritual biz coach who is passionate about helping authors and entrepreneurs move from being 'an entrepreneur with a job' to a BOSS with Purpose. She shares THE S.I.M.P.L.E. Method on how to "Be Your Own BOSS" so you can serve God, make an impact, and share your soul story with the world. She helps our happiness comm-YOU-nity remember who God created them to be and helps us with heart activations to remind us of how incredible we each truly are! You can join Je in her soul sessions with Michael Dake, with an opportunity to enroll in her NEW “Be Your OWN BOSS” Mentorship program that will be released in 2021!

Meet Michael: Soul Sessions & 
Stargate Sessions

Michael Dake

Master Level Healing Facilitator

Michael is a master level healing facilitator that helps our com-YOU-nity remember to get out of our heads and back into our hearts (home). And Michael reminds us all that 'things are not always as they seem to be', which brings clarity and freedom while unfolding the inspiration and creativity from the magic of our heart! He serves our comm-YOU-nity in the monthly 'Stargate Sessions' that are LIVE each month, the first Thursday of the month. The sessions are powerful as they help us all collectively and individually clear and release old energies. You will feel the difference! Michael also reminds us that change is the only thing that is constant in the YOUniverse. And when we don't fear the change, then there is nothing you cannot do!

Kathleen McGinley

Shamanic Life Coach

Meet Kathleen: Step Into Harmony Sessions

Kathleen is a shamanic life coach who has a passion to help make the world a better place by providing holistic, extraordinary experiences in self-discovery for individuals and groups. Kathleen supports our comm-YOU-nity in the LIVE 'Step Into Harmony Sessions' that are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month. These sessions are designed to help guide you to peace, harmony, and healing by reconnecting you at the soul level through nature, wellness life-strategies, and shamanic practices. Kathleen believes that finding harmony in life is an ongoing mission for most people on this planet. The desire to feel whole – creating a connection between one’s self, others and the natural world – is inside us all. The pathway to a harmonious existence lies at your feet. 

Meet Kimberley: Empower YOU NOW! Sessions

Kimberley is a transformational relationship coach whose mission is to help people realize their value and worth. She believes the human condition is rooted deeply within the old fear-based belief system of “not feeling good enough”. She is passionate about helping people step forward in life with confidence and self-love, while letting go of perpetual worries and troublesome anxieties. Kimberley supports and serves our comm-YOU-nity in her monthly 'Empower YOU NOW! Sessions' that are held LIVE on the third Tuesday of every month. In these sessions, she walks with us to experience the 11 Ways to Self-Empowerment. Each month she brings lessons from her book, Empowering YOU: 11 Ways To Shift Your Personal Paradigm. 

Kimberley Bell

Transformational Relationship Coach

Kristin Lee Harwood

Energetic Transition Coach

Meet Kristin: The Undoing of Doing Sessions

Kristin is an energetic transition coach who believes that emotions are energy in motion and similar to the body, can be released and transformed into something big and beautiful that makes you smile. After years of studying the human body and movement, she realized that the missing element affecting our ability to change & evolve was energy. Kristin guides our comm-YOU-nity in understanding energy and movement and how it can help us gracefully maneuver through our ever-changing world. She helps us in her monthly 'The Undoing of Doing Sessions' to align our body, mind, and spirit. These sessions are LIVE every month on the third Thursday of the month. 

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