Navigating through life in these chaotic times can feel lonely and frustrating. you don't have to feel alone anymore! we want to support YOU!

Smile More. Stress Less. Live Well.

The life YOU seek is seeking YOU!

These sessions are about clearing and releasing old energies to give you back clarity and freedom - which unfolds your Inspiration and creativity from the magic of your heart! Helping you remember who you were created to be, and that is wonderfully made! 

2020 and 2021 has been an interesting time.

Things are changing quickly, but there is nothing to fear. 

We have seen it first-hand and with our clients. Everyone is experiencing different things, and yet, they are all the same. And what we have learned is, that going forward we need to look at new ways to live each and every day, how we treat ourselves and others, the decisions we make, and the things we do. 

And we believe the answers are found in 


Know that You are loved more than you can possibly ever know. God is within you. The wind beneath your wings! Allow yourself to receive the abundance that is here to be given to you, simply by asking from your heart! 

Your Brilliance.

Your Genius Zone.

Your Awesome Sauce.

Your Super Power.

powerful sessions to 

Remember & Gain Clarity.

Come Join Us, Friend.

We've saved YOU

a seat.

Get Your happy heart bOOST!

Smile More. Stress Less. Live Well.

'Making your best of today your worst of tomorrow'

The Happy YOUniverse is inspirationally 

created as a place for YOU to come where everything YOU need for your wellness is in 

a one-stop shop to help YOU connect the dots to create a life YOU love. Where YOU can 

find your way back to your smile. 

We saved a seat for 


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