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Reminding You:

You have always had the power. You have everything you need inside right now! It's embedded in your DNA, it's just about remembering. Leaving behind old energies that are based in fear, so the magic in your heart can expand! Reminding YOU of who you were before the world told you who to be!

Reset Your Energy:

This has been the beginning to step out of the old energy patterns and into the new higher vibrational frequencies.  We are leaving ALL of the old behind. This is actually very good!  On one hand, it probably was not the most pleasant of experiences!  But on the other hand, they won't happen again and will go away!

Regain Clarity:

Now going forward will be easier.  You are and will be given clarity to "see" things as you want them to be!  It will be different than before.  There will be more ease and grace and flow in everything you do!  It will make you smile because these old things are not coming back!

Return Home:

It’s time to come home (back into your heart) with faith. You are loved and the ease, grace, and flow is here for you.

These sessions are about clearing and releasing old energies, remembering to be in the space of grace, ease, and flow so you can come HOME, which is where your  clarity and freedom are. This helps you unfold your Inspiration and creativity from the magic in your heart that helps you remember who you are! YOU ARE precious and wonderfully made! 

It's been an interesting year to say the least.

Things are changing quickly, but there is nothing to fear! 

We have seen it first-hand and with our clients. Everyone is experiencing different things, and yet, they are all the same. And what we have learned is that going forward we need to look at new ways to live each and every day. Doing things differently and that means how we treat ourselves and others, the decisions we make, the things we do, and how we release and let go of the fear. 

And we believe the answers are found in 


Know that You are loved more than you can possibly ever know. God is always with YOU! The wind beneath your wings! Allow yourself to receive the abundance that is here to be given to you, simply by asking from your heart! 

The Happy YOUniverse inspirationally 

created a place for YOU to come where everything YOU need for your wellness is in 

a one-stop shop to help YOU connect the dots to create a life YOU love. Where you can 

find your way back to your smile. 

We are here for 


'Making your best of today your worst of tomorrow'