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Now is the "time" to reclaim your Dominion!

Join a Session and Punch your Ticket out of this Karmic Realm!

I created this space for individuals who want to stay in these high frequencies, and be connected each month in a way to HELP YOU stay up on the top of the mountain and be in your heart. I host these sessions once a month and they are done via zoom in a group setting that last approximately 2 hours. With that being said, EVEN THOUGH these are group sessions, do not underestimate them as they are extremely POWERFUL for each individual who attends. Remember, it is all about YOU, always has been, always will be. You do the “healing” , and the group helps create a very unique and sacred space, and I am here to help you toss the 'stuff' in the dumpster! These sessions are also about developing your 'Metaphysical talents' and sharing with a group of like minded folks - we do all kinds of awesome things - each month's session is unique!

I recommend before you join your first session that you start first with the activation session (this is included for you as part of the program). This program is inspired for you to not just join one session, rather stick with us as a family, as we move to the unlimited possibilities that lie in our hearts (aka, your happiness!). This is set to be a month to month, simplicity, set it and forget it, and of course you can cancel at anytime or make simple easy changes to your account! Once you sign up you will get all of those details! Included in the price you will not only get access to my monthly Stargate Session, you will also get access to ALL OF the REPLAYS (starting back in September 2020!), so you can continually experience the powerful unique energy and awesomeness that comes forth in these sessions to tap into whenever you choose! You also will have access to the MONTHLY H.A.P.S. Sessions with myself and Jena Harris (see down below) and even some more BONUS goodies in your members area!

Believe in the Impossible!

Find in Your Heart the Strength to Believe What You Know to be True!

Come join us in our next LIVE session!


-Michael Dake

Join Michael each month in the powerful

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The Happy YOUniverse BONUSES!

Each month you get access to:

  • LIVE Zoom Coaching Sessions + Replays: Monthly LIVE Group Sessions with Michael where you receive energy
  • Full Access To The Replays: There are over 12 in there now, and if you miss a session the replay is available in your members area.
  • Bonus Tips, Tools, and Resources: Access to the monthly Stargate Updates
  • A ComYOUnity who supports you right where you are at and throughout your journey!


  • Full Access To The Monthly Soul Sessions Mentorship: New Content, Heart-Work Sheets, Masterclasses, Meditations, Tools & Tips Being Added Each Month
  • LIVE Zoom Soul Sessions with Michael Dake & Jena Harris: These monthly group mentoring sessions are interactive and focus on gaining clarity for your life, while releasing old energies and Expanding Your Awareness & Happiness *CLICK HERE to check out the sessions
  • Heart Activation & Reclaiming Your Dominion: Finally Feel Free From The Stress & Chaos
  • A ComYOUnity: Soul Connections with Like-Minded People From Around The World

When you purchase the Stargate Sessions, as a bonus,

you also receive access to the monthly

Soul Sessions With Michael Dake and Jena Harris

These sessions are about clearing and releasing old energies to give you back clarity and freedom - which unfolds your Inspiration and creativity from the magic of your heart! Helping you remember who you were created to be, and that is wonderfully made! 


"These sessions have helped me to shift in the most magical of ways, always delivering exactly what I need each month!"

-Kristin | Boise, Idaho

"These sessions have been game changers for me, I look forward to them each and every month! I recommend them to everyone!"

-Jena | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Change is the only thing that is constant in this YOUniverse. And when you do not Fear the Change, then there is Nothing you Cannot Do! And Change Comes Only in One Size! And that Size is Wonderful!


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